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5 definitions by jake5443

Military slang for getting assigned to Fleet Assistance Personnel. Basically it's when your unit is required to temporarily send X number of warm bodies to do menial tasks for the base or the squadron or something, and you're picked to be part of the group. Occasionally a cool gig and a welcome break from routine, but a lot of the time it's something godawful and involves Twentynine Palms or the term "grease trap". Usually assigned to new arrivals as a rite of passage, and to shitbags that aren't wanted in their unit
"What happened to Johnson? I haven't seen him in ages."

"He kept fucking up so he's been fapped out to 990 for over a year now."
by jake5443 December 04, 2007
38 21
Generic term for any franchise fast-food hellhole. Suck.com used to use it in its articles before they died
Screw it, lets just go get some crap from Burger Doodle...
by jake5443 November 04, 2004
13 4
The slowly-built-up brownish filth that accumulates on items that come in contact with many different dirty fingers. Commonly found on that nasty 10-year-old keyboard you have to use at work, public restrooms, remote controls, etc. Source: overheard in local conversation
"I ain't touchin that nasty-ass mouse of yours until you clean that hand sauce off of it"
by jake5443 March 06, 2006
5 2
More-polite way to say crap when writing, as seen in several blogs and online articles
"suffered insomnia that kept me up until 3 watching the most dreadful sci-fi krep you can imagine..."
by jake5443 January 10, 2005
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A car rented to go buy drugs with. Useful to avoid seizure of one's own property if caught by police. As seen on COPS.
Is this a crack rental, ma'am?
by jake5443 July 19, 2004
8 12