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The anus.
Balloon knot: Named for the resemblance of the anus to the knotted neck of a balloon.
by jake1688 November 11, 2010
Slang for an extremely long (length in inches, not time)dump.
Me: Dude, you shoulda seen the fudge bat I just layed in the john.
You: Really?
Me: Yeah, it was so long, both ends were out of the water!
by JAke1688 January 05, 2011
A supervisor who loses their job for sleeping with an underling.
Me: Hey, did you hear about Bob?
You: No, what?
Me: He got canned!
You: Really? Why?
Me: He was ferrening Donna in Accounting!
You: Lucky Bastard!
by jake1688 November 16, 2010
The anus.
As in "I had to look at her devil's raisin while I was doing her doggy-style."
by Jake1688 November 01, 2010

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