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Overly kick ass, in a very good way. This is a variation of hellashibbycore, but it sounds better with über added to it.
Dude, Kandi Kids are so überhellashibbycore.
by Jai June 22, 2004
A way to express your bordemness.
Dumdedum....I'm so bored....
by Jai December 12, 2003
An online jounal. Pics and sorts of things can be on it. They are to express fellingt to the person typing it or to other people online.
Let's see what I should write in my xanga....
by Jai December 12, 2003
Another way of saying loser Say it to a total gay loser.
"Hey you gay losea!"
by Jai December 10, 2003
Beautiful danceing child
by Jai July 01, 2003
is when you want to get some yeahfrom your girl.As in having sex with your significant other
Ay Jai im trying to get that act right.Forreal im not playing
by Jai February 07, 2005
Kicked off the team
If you don't come to the cook out you will be big-b
by Jai September 23, 2003

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