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used to describe a woman's vagina. a wonderful comparison.

a woman can have many things in her taco: cheese, sour cream, meat, guacamole, and salsa.
"Damn I don't know what to make of that bitch. Her taco's got the works"
by jai November 08, 2003
A way to express bordemness.
Lalala...I'm so bored.....
by Jai December 12, 2003
A sugar covered gummy sold in Canada as well.
I bought a bag of jelly tots.
by Jai September 14, 2003
teachers who go and have sexual fun at lunch time
they give each other oral
by jai December 16, 2003
another way to say "yeast infection" without really saying yeast infection
"Damn i'm making some sour cream...gotta get me some vagisil"
by jai November 08, 2003
noun. Big black african baby that is extremely shit at CS (counter strike) and naquas yet he thinks he is CPL material. He pumps iron and goes to alot of raves to pull chicks despite being a Mutton chop monster.

adj. Derived from the noun of naqua used to describe an extreme fuck up.
Your PC has just Naquaed!! (spoken when you computer fucks up somthing fierce. ie blue screen of death.)
by Jai September 14, 2004
A role playing class that uses mental powers instead of magic or combat abilities.
Humans, Dwarfs, Elves, Half-elves, Orcs, Half-orcs, etc... can all be Psionicist.
by Jai January 22, 2005
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