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Superior sub-species of the White race. One who can hunt, fish, provide for their family without government assistance, and drive over all the "low riding" hondas.
Watch the redneck mob lynch your negro buddy.
by JAI March 03, 2004
Anything you want it to mean. Like substituting it for other words
John:Man im trying to get some yeah.
David:yeah man thats whats up
John:but she be Faking on that yeah
by Jai February 07, 2005
Usually a very tall Elf with pale to fair toned skin. They have dark (almost black) slanted eyes, sharp jawline, light colored hair, and very slim in size.
High Elves are rare, beautiful creatures that ususally specialize in Alchemy, Psionicism (psionicist), and other magical classes.
by Jai January 22, 2005
Another way of saying very crazy.
Your cocka!
by Jai December 12, 2003
fuck + chuckle = fuckle

Like A + B = C

A fuck and a chuckle
Hey, stop! Don't fuckle in my car!!!
by Jai December 12, 2003
used to describe a woman's period
"I can't have sex honey, I got salsa in my taco"
by jai November 08, 2003
A simple hindi word for stupid ..
Kya chutiya ho gaya hai ( Are you stupid)
by Jai July 05, 2003

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