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3 definitions by jaggerbush

Men (and women) who are clueless to the powers of the clit-thus mostly ignoring it altogether.
Jane: was he good in bed? Did you cum?

Jill: cum? I wish! He's clit clueless. He somehow really thinks I'm cumming JUST BECAUSE he's fucking me. Damn it! Clit clueless! And I'm too old to be teaching men about clits. That's why I have a vibrator.
by jaggerbush January 24, 2007
A showers who's drain is clogged, thus when showering- forces one to both shower and bathe their legs in filthy deepening water.
"Seriously, we need to call a plummer. I refuse to take one more ba-shower. We already tried Drain-O. Now lets call in a pro."
by jaggerbush January 24, 2007
1. To be completely ignored. To enrage another by ones complete and eternal indifference to that person. To be made dead.
"Yeah, he still calls me and leaves voice mails but I don't take his calls. In a few days he'll realized I cold murphed him and hopefully realize he's forever dead to me"
by jaggerbush January 24, 2007