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a stupid person who has no common sense and no brain at all
John U dummy U
by Jacques February 18, 2003
One who finds themself very funny, though no else around them does.
Gina is a witless bitch; she's the only one that laughs at her "jokes".
by Jacques December 23, 2004
Origins unknown. For those living in a state below New York along the eastern seaboard, it refers to New York.
Ant: Yo, Susan when you going back up top?
Susan: I fly into Laguardia tomorrow.
by Jacques February 05, 2005
When you're constantly sick and complaining about a variety of things, mainly back pains.
Yo, that muthafucka called me to take his shift, what a fuckin quitt!
by Jacques March 23, 2005
A phat ass. An ass that aint all sloppy but is sittin right.
Daaammnn! Look at homegirl in the red, that's a nice lil donk box! That's wassup
by Jacques February 05, 2005
the friendly employee who cleans your windshield at the gas station
The "streaker" used a very poor technique and left lines all over my windows.
by Jacques February 06, 2004
A retarded play on the name of a 64 bit cartridge based console released by Nintendo ~1996. Excellent graphics despite what this moron says, but lack of a large number of truly "fun" titles and eventually went under after becoming nothing more than a Pokémon player.
Ok, to comment to the person who started this: you make no sense! Cartridge based systems are not by defininition slower than CD based systems! CPU speed determines how fast your system is. Actually, cartidges load almost instantaneously as they work like RAM does in your computer, with direct contact. CD's however, require high amounts of read time, which can be very annoying... a major flaw of the PSX. The only reason everybody doesn't still use cartridges is the high cost and limited capacity. They are a much better media.
Sony roolz is an illiterate retard, and thus called the N64 a Crap64 because he swallowed the analog stick and couldn't figure out how to use it.
by Jacques November 12, 2003

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