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A group of highly-trainned voice over geeks who don't know a single thing about computers. They usually hide their voices by using the usual indian man. The customers of American Tech Support always get pissed off after 5 minutes of talking.
ATS: Thank you for calling American Tech Support. You got problem?
customer: Didn't I already talk to you?
ATS: No, that was my brother.
#tech #geek #india #person #ulrich
by jacobishott December 04, 2011
the brown thing that comes out of your ass
Man: I took a big ass shit last night
Man 2: okay?
#ass #money #gross #brown #butt
by Jacobishott June 27, 2011
The greatest country band. They are known for their great songs, genuinly sweet hearts, and good looks. They have great music. Songs include Life is a Highway, Skin, Here Comes Goodbye, and a colab with JBiebs That Should Be Me feat. Rascal Flatts.
girl1: Did you hear that one Rascal Flatts song, uh, Life is a Highway?
girl2: no, they suck monkey shit
#coffee #poop #holy shit #kiss #money
by jacobishott September 05, 2011
the name of a big time rush song
oh yeah
#oh #yeah song #oh shit #booty #done
by jacobishott June 29, 2011
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