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99 definitions by jacob

anal rape
it was derived from the following joke:
Two explorers were walking through the african plains when kidnapped by an african tribe. The chief told the explorers they had two choices: death or bunta. The first, saying he has a wife and kids, easily chose bunta. The whole tribe bends him over and rapes him. The second, not wanting the ass rapage chose death. The cheif smiles and yells to the tribe, "Death by bunta"
by Jacob November 29, 2003
Defined by context as drunk and any degree of retardeness.
Posiive: Dude we are such drunktards!

Negative: Bitch ass you a drunktard!
by Jacob May 07, 2005
Letting those bitches know whose nuts these be.
Hey, has D. got ahold of you yet?
- D. who?
Deez nuts bitch.
by Jacob January 13, 2004
1. One result of procrastination.

2. A type of behavior performed during daylight hours marked by extreme procrastination. It is characterized by the shuffling around one's house or dorm for many hours in search of meaningless activities with unnaturally short durations (e.g. getting a drink of water or eating chocolates every five minutes, watching the television, listening to music, or playing a game all for five minutes yet in ten minute intervals). Such behavior is caused by the ever-present threat of doing work and the fear that committment to any other activity might preclude one from performing the said assignment or studying. All actions are results of cognitive processes which derive from a mild form of schizophrenia.
(Nick's mental process): Peanuts. I love peanuts. *eats peanuts*. I need water. No, you need to start the assignment, now!. I don't want to start the assignment yet, though. *drinks water* I will eat some more peanuts. *eats peanuts*
by Jacob February 13, 2005
A term often used by surfers to describe the water condition when it has no chop. When the ocean is smooth.
Dude, the surf was overhead and glassy! It was so sweet!
by Jacob February 19, 2005
The car that is commonly known as the pimp-ride alternative to the cadillac.
"We did it in a rental, lincoln continental"
by Jacob May 06, 2004
to pray or go to church.
I was trying to get my jesus on when i suddenly noticed that the priest had man boobs
by Jacob June 24, 2004