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The act of being pretentious with no merit or using lies or pretend to back up a pretentious statement.
"Matt said he was the best DJ in the world, but he's just being totally pretendious."
by Jackola October 13, 2008
"Have you been to the new library?"
"Oh, you mean the book museum?"
by jackola March 14, 2009
In it to win it.
I don't just date for the sake of it. I am iitwi.
by jackola December 19, 2011
1. good charlotte, a crappy band that was marketed to young impressionable teenage girls which ultimately led to the end of artistic music.

2. gamecube, nintendo's compact game system which is comparable to sony's playstation 2 and better than microsoft's xbox.

3. gift certificate

4. gangsta crips
Should I buy a GC for my girl or should I spend my hard earned money seeing that piece of crap band GC? I think I'll just sit around with my GCs and play some GC instead.
by Jackola February 16, 2005

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