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31 definitions by jackie-f

Raw sewage. Often used in a derogatory way when speaking to someone
Is there any food in the house?
Nothing but drainsoup I'm afraid
Go slurp on some drainsoup you madge
by Jackie-F September 08, 2005
A boner. An erection in general, but not usually fully-extended. A semi
We were kissing but it got really awkward, I had a massive jimjam on
by Jackie-F September 07, 2005
Milky white bosoms of ample size and proportion.
I was at the beach earlier. Best thing ever. Couldn't look anywhere without seeing a pair of floury baps bouncing about
by Jackie-F September 20, 2005
A good looking girl or bloke. As in a tick one, tick person
Check her out, she's a proper tickun!
by Jackie-F September 11, 2005
Really lame way of saying yes. If you ever catch yourself saying it, stop, take ten deep breaths, then kill yourself
Feeling good?

Yeppity! Oh damn, did I just say that? See you in the next life...
by Jackie-F October 04, 2005
To be mashed. Stoned. Blackup. Red. Lean. Buzzing. Under the relaxing effect of marajuana.
Boy, this green is killer, I'm lickup
by Jackie-F September 09, 2005
To pull a member of the opposite sex.
Did you bust her?
So hard I've got a blister on my cock!

I haven't busted in months, my balls are aching and I'm on the verge of freak-out. The pages of my jazz-mags are stuck together, there's no use left in them!
by Jackie-F September 19, 2005