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-a group of non-talents who were strippers, but thought they'd do better to be stripping on tv instead.

-one of their songs is "i dont need a man" now if they dont ned a man, then why are they stripping down nearly butt-naked in the music video?

-they picked the ugly one to sing.
man those pussycat dolls are even more annoying than the shouting guy off the cilit bang advert
by jack.d March 04, 2007
hoodied, happy slapping granny muggers who wear lacoste shoes, chains, and trackies and will stab you at any point.

sworn enemies-

*old ladies

favourite makes-


weapons of choice-

*lead pipes

celebrity chavs-

*wayne rooney
*lady sovereign
*jade goody
*lilly allen
*britney spears

places of hangout-

*street corners
chav- oi you filthy fuckin skater!
skater- yah dude?
chav- fuckin stop skatin in fronta me mate, youre shit
skater- u just dissed me but then called me mate you idiot
chav- (pulls out knife)yeah say that to ma face bitch
skater- ok, YOURE AN IDIOT
chav- ya mums an idiot and she was good in bed too
skater- my mum has more self-pride than to sleep with you.
chav- ya mum has more self pride than to sleep with ya mum
skater- that dosent make sense.
chav- fuck you u grebo
skater- im a skater.
chav- fuck you grebo!!!
by jack.d March 26, 2007
the greatest town on earth. although full of chavs, townies, and emos, this town still manages to stay the best on planet earth. yes, there may be an odd 'i love your mum' on the walls, and a couple of badly home-pimped ford escorts, but seriously it is cool here.
man that bognor regis is fine.
by jack.d March 16, 2007
where a random chav or nerd attempts to upgrade their own cars at home by adding ugly body kits, and sometimes flames. a cry out for coolness.
no1- man your car is crap
no2- naa man i home-pimped it, now it is bangin
no1- you suck.
by jack.d March 16, 2007
a word describing a person who wants to know what polagarent means.
random1- man ur so polagarent
random2- dude what dus that mean
random1- see, man ur so polagarent
by jack.d March 04, 2007
the best damn show in the history of the world, except friends about a guy called john dorian who lives with his black friend chris turk, and the weird goings on in a surreal hospital. basically ripped off ER
shown on nbc, abc1, and E4
scrubs is a show with brown bear and j dizzle
by jack.d March 04, 2007

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