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the female british singer equivalent of eminem. her music mostly consists of diss songs and everytime she opens her mouth, it is to offend other so she can get publicity, like eminem. and just like eminem, in a couple of years, she will be irrelevant as well.
in a couple of years lilly allen will revert back to leeching off of her family's wealth but will continue to live like she is working-class because of "street cred"
by prezton January 03, 2007
When you look at a girl and she is quite fit for an ugly bird, just like celebrity Lilly Allen
Whilst cruising in the pimped out Nova, SammyA spys a pair of ladies shaking all they have on the pavement...

SammyA "Geez Ed, i don't fancy yours much!"
Ed McD "I know what you mean playa, but i think she's a bit Lilly Allen"
by MikeP_London March 01, 2008
Chick with a Dick
Lilly Allen?
Cheryl Fernandez-Versini: Chick with a dick
by PamAnnWantsAGram January 25, 2016

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