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1. The Greatest Band on Earth. Period.
2. a highly misunderstood force in the Rock genre that has influenced up and coming musicians worldwide.
3. Rock duo consisting of Jack Black (vocals, rhythm guitar), and Kyle Gass (lead guitar, backup vocals), occasionally hosting guests such as J.R. Reed, Sasquatch, and Dave Grohl of the Foo Fighters.
how can you say D fans dont like Zeppelin? They did an unplugged version of Tribute with a STAIRWAY solo for shit's sake!
by Jables June 15, 2004
What is yelled out by someone requesting insertion by someone with a small, scoffable penis.
Your package looked pretty small in your tight pants earlier, but now I'm desperate. Scoff Me! Scoff Me! Scoff Me!
by jables April 25, 2005
A very thicke shit. One that, when flushed, will stretch the pipes to their threshold of breaking. This often leaves the creator of the pipe stretcher feeling like he or she has just given birth.
I gotta go home and force out a mean pipe stretcher.
by Jables January 15, 2004
1. Something one gets in order to build a deck at a Magic Tournament.
2. Prize for being in the top 8 players at a Magic Tournament.
3. Something one has a big box of so that one can draft out of it.
Once we have everyone seated, we will pass out the product. - Judge Larry (happy birthday)
by Jables January 15, 2004
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