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CaffeineLounge is a great dAmn chat room. It has a bot, a .tk shortcut, and probably an insane guy. It was founded in late August of 04 by TheArcticBanana, referred to affectionately as Tab. Tab had a dream. He wanted to make a chat free from opression and spammers. He wanted to corral up all the sugarhighs and pack them in a box of gray. He hired chocolate-neko (Food-cat), j2n4me (j2), and Lil-Kris06 (Kris) to assist him (among others). Eventually, Atrocity-of-Life (Aol) joined the staff.

CaffeineLounge has set many milestones. In November, operator j2n4me (with the help of others) created the first animutation in a format besides Flash. In December, CaffeineLounge had broadcasted a holiday webcast, before every other chat.

CaffeineLounge continues to thrive today, serving as a home away from home for the cool and insane, and a place of hard work that never ends for its operators. Either way, you should go visit it today.
/join #caffeinelounge
> Hey guys! I like caffeine too!
> I won't spam, and will respect the authority of operators.
> I may post a fun link for all to see.
> I now accept Aol's invitation to view a link, press a shortcut, or type a bot command, and am thrown out of the room.
/join #caffeinelounge
> I have rejoined.
> Now I must go.
/part #caffeinelounge
by j2n4me February 27, 2005
Roffles have ridges.
Roffles, that was funny.
by j2n4me April 12, 2005
Founder of CaffeineLounge, TheArcticBanana is a fun-loving guy who's not always fun-loving. His hobbies include kicking j2n4me, kicking Atrocity, kicking n00bs, and dancing.

If you see him, tell him not to picnic.
Hey, it's TheArcticBanana! Don't picnic!
by j2n4me February 27, 2005
An op of CaffeineLounge, she has worked the chat since the room began. Often less abusive than most other operators, but actively enjoys the sport of kicking. Her name translates to "chocolate-cat", which earned her the nickname food-cat (administered by j2n4me and TheArcticBanana).

She has been mimiced in a #CaffeineLounge film starring TheBadassDevil. And she lives in Canada, in case you were curious.
<chocolate-neko> hai
by j2n4me March 06, 2005
Nobody really knows. It's either an emo boy band or some sort of testosterone-boosting drug. But whenever someone says it, there's sure to be a pack of excited kids chasing after it screaming "Waaaaaaaaaah!" But one person's gonna get it wrong. Always.
Joey: Dralcohex!
Josh: Waaaaaaaaah!
Jazz: Waaaaaaaaah!
Kevin: Waaaaaaaaah!
Clive: Waaaaaaaaah!
by j2n4me May 28, 2005
An operator of #CaffeineLounge. She goes back to the early days when there were more than four ops. She enjoys not singing to the Holiday48 Bonus Kareoke thing, chatting, and living.

While not as frequent as the other operators, Lil-Kris06 is just as cool (if not, cooler), than TheArcticBanana.
Lil-Kris06 is just as cool (if not, cooler) than TheArcticBanana.
by j2n4me March 09, 2005
About to shoot j2n4me.
Hey, look! Here comes Atrocity! LOOK OUT, J2!!!
by j2n4me March 06, 2005

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