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dumped, dissed, or broken up with (as in a girlfriend, or random bitch)
Sean: dag my gf is annoying ! !

Josh: if it were me, I would have dubbed her a long time ago.
#ditched #broken up with #dumped #deaded #separted from
by j tha lady killa August 15, 2009
some people think they know what it means but really its just nonsesne

a hot song by artist black point, check it out if you wish

a hot word to use or just say for whatever
#rap #rap dominicano #black point #del patio #dominican republic
by j tha lady killa September 01, 2009
fake friends you have for selfish purposes

friends you know don't really like you and you don't like them either

friends you get that were once enemies because you're planning on stabbing them in the back
"Keep your friends close but your frienemies closer haha"

"Don't invite Sarah...she's only a frienemy."
#friends #enemies #foes #fake friends #that one friend no one really likes
by j tha lady killa August 16, 2009
to treat someone/something like its new or immature even though its been around for years - in reference to the rapper/singer drake

originates from rapper The Game in his jay-z dis track 'so wavy' where he says "please don't drake me'
Jon: Wow, youre pretty good at ball.

Pete: Ive been good for a while. You just never gave me my props. So dont try to drake me!
#drake #put down #not giving props #props #negative
by j tha lady killa August 21, 2009
A quite catchy expression from florida, and possibly other southern states, used to mean something is good, cool, or generally positive.
Jack: Yo man I won the local lottery...500 dollars!

Smitty: Dat real.
#good #positive #good shit #cool #nice
by j tha lady killa August 21, 2009
state of having the itis after eating junk food
"Oh man, I had energy before but I'm starting to get that post-twinkie feeling."
#itis #niggaitis #niggeritis #nigga itis #nigger itis #the itis #fat #unhealthy
by j tha lady killa August 30, 2009
another way to name NIKE hyperdunks kicks according to the new hyperize promotion
"Yeah we went to the park all in hyperizers and shut them down!"
#hyperize #hyper dunks #nike #sneakers #kicks
by j tha lady killa August 21, 2009
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