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The act upon which during sex the man takes a shit on the girls chest, afterward's he proceeds to rub his ass on her tits to spread the shit around and then finally cums all over the shit.
Craig: "Oh shit dude, we were so fucking drunk that night that i gave her a Boston Pancake!"

Nelson: "HOLY SHIT!"
by itsbinkl182 May 03, 2010
When, during or after sex, the guy randomly jumps off the edge of the bed. Then when the girl goes to check why he jumped off he wraps his legs around her head (making sure that her face/nose is up against his ass) then he farts or shits as hard as he can.
Baxter: "Guess what i fuckin' did this weekend?!"

Chris: "What happened, bro?!"

Baxter: "I gave some stupid bitch a Lake Placid!"

Chris: "Haha! Boo-yah!"
by itsbinkl182 May 03, 2010
When a person takes off their shoes or socks after wearing them for a long while and the odor is so immense and nasty that it resembles the smell of any kind of Corn-chip.
*Jo'niqua, the loud ghetto black girl takes off her socks to put lotion on her feet in the middle of class even though she sits in the front row by the teachers desk*

Angela: "Ugh, i hate when that bitch does that shit!"

Cristina: "I know! And to make it worse she has Frito Feet!"
by itsbinkl182 May 03, 2010
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