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A term meaning good ; amazing ; fantabulous
Woah that cake looks totally bitchen.
by Lily Rosethorn March 21, 2005
really good
"that concert was BITCHEN, dude!"
by mainframe October 31, 2003
1. Exceptionally good of its kind.
2. Of great quality.
3. Said when astonishes someone's fancy.
That tomato soup is bitchen.
by Yuliya March 11, 2004
to show excitement, or happiness with something.
also see kickass, kickass amazing, and sweeet.
Helga: BITCHEN!!!!!
by alfonzo van schlinkenbon March 24, 2008
Beyond cool. Another word to describe how cool someone is; extremely gnarly. A word that is cooler than cool, and therefore is bitchen.
Hannah Rand and Lauren Wolfe are the creators of the word bitchen, therefore it makes them bitchen, even mad bitchen.
by Rick the hick March 23, 2008
A New York City studio apartment that is basically a bedroom with a kitchen in it... a bitchen.
I have a bitchen apartment on the Upper West Side.
by ADRobinson January 12, 2011
A bitch in the kitchen.
When that bitch entered the kitchen the place got bitchen.
by Bigleatheryballs July 18, 2011
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