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1. A city in Alabama that time forgot. 2. Exit 325 on interstate 65 southbound. 3. A dry town that needs to go wet. 4. People get excited over new establishments.
I live in Hartselle. I will never be anything EVER!!!
by Ironman316 April 08, 2007
1. A way of telling your friends to shut up when they ask how you and your significant other are doing. 2. A way of telling the waiter you do not want any more hot butter rolls, and can't you see we are talking important to each other.
dumbass: "You are not mad cause I called you a slut at your parent's house the other night. We straight?"

Significant other: "We're good."
by ironman316 September 15, 2008
The softest hands you feel, I.e kaitlyn's, after the b & b lotion has been applied.
Your hands are soft...have they been pumpkinized?
by ironman316 September 14, 2008

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