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Another name for the vagina. Of course getting its name from the soft squishy feeling, and mitten.... well because things go in there.
After I was done with her squish-mitten, I came in her face.
by iplaywithsquirls October 18, 2006
To penitrate an orephous with ones fingers.
The gay guys on west hollywood blvd. were finger blasting eachother behind the dumpsters for coke.
by iplaywithsquirls October 18, 2006
A filthy, smelly vagina. Mainly found on obese women.
"I went to eat her out, but instead I found a tuna troft."
by iplaywithsquirls February 01, 2008
That stupid line on the periodic table of elements that seperates the metals from the gases.
its just a fuckin squidjem, deal with it, k?
by iplaywithsquirls October 18, 2006
When a girl (or possibly guy given sexual preference) performs a hand job on the male. Just when he is about to cum, she stops and walks away leaving the guy unfinished. She then rushes back and jerks him off as hard as she can till he busts.
Dude this girl was giving me a hang job last night, and just stopped out of nowhere and left the room ... then she rushed back in with an outstanding finish.
by iplaywithsquirls February 01, 2008
This involves a bed that has bed post. The female selects a bed post and jumps from it, not far from that of a professional wrestler. Before jumping, she spreads her cheeks, leaps off backwards and lands on the gentlemans face. Thus making a funny suction noise and causing the alfa male's body to spasm
Dave: Dude what happened to your face, its all red?
Frank: My wife gave me a flying donny osmand last night.
by iplaywithsquirls October 18, 2006
The spot between a mans balls and asshole. Also known as the taint or gouch.
Man, my balls itch. I've been scratching so much my goo-back is bleeding.
by iplaywithsquirls October 18, 2006

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