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The small area of cartilage between your nostrils. Very popular piercing area. However, caution should be exercised with this piercing, and should not be done if you have a deviated septum.
"I now look like a bull with my huge septum ring!"
by invictus February 19, 2004
A centre lip piercing that uses a specially designed barbell instead of a ring.

Common misconception is the way it is pronounced. People think it's pronounced "lah-bray". It's not french, so just say "lah-brette".
That's one nice labret you have there.
by invictus February 19, 2004
The piece of skin that separates a man's anus and testicles.

It is becoming a popular area to get pierced.
"Oh noes! Steve ripped off his guiche by accident!"
by invictus February 19, 2004
A surface piercing on the shaft of the penis close to the base of the penis, hence the name "pubic" piercing. It stimulates the clit so it has gained considerable popularity recently.
"His pubic piercing makes my happy flaps happy!"
by invictus February 19, 2004
A cokeheads favourite thing
"Fuuuuuuuuucccckk man, this shit is goooooooood"
by invictus February 19, 2004
A tongue piercing that puts two long barbells close to the tip of the tongue to resemble "fangs" like on a venomous snake.
"Wow! Johnny's venom piercing sure is scary!"
by invictus February 19, 2004

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