17 definitions by instigationmachine

what ms. ward always says.
by instigationmachine May 12, 2004
a euphemism for crack addict although still crude.
lots of snort the magic pigs live in the negerlands
by instigationmachine May 12, 2004
a funny way to say faggot
stop being such a fagotnikov
by instigationmachine May 12, 2004
ron's favorite toy
ron tried to shoot his bazooka laundher but it shot out cum instead
by instigationmachine May 09, 2004
a fagotnikov
xpcheesyco! wee heeeee
by instigationmachine May 12, 2004
sit or stand on the seat, Andrews crabs jump 10 feet.
well, yeah they do man. it ain't pretty some guy died last week from itchin all day.
by instigationmachine September 12, 2004
the thing about skeet skeet is white people don't know what it means yet, and when they find out they'll say "oh what've we done."
The sweat drip of my balls, oh these bitches crawl. Ah, Skeet Skeet Skeet Skeet Skeet Skeet
by instigationmachine January 03, 2005

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