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the worst kind of fucker
You fucking cockfucker, I hate you.
by infiniti August 15, 2003
your dick, when you are holding onto it with one hand, like it was a gun or an implement of destruction and aiming it at an orifice waiting to be violated.
I took my cockpiece out and jammed it directly into my girlfriend's swollen cock throat without hesitation. She's a whore.
by infiniti August 15, 2003
a girl who takes it in the ass.
So, do think she's a par three?
by infiniti August 15, 2003
Laughing as I fuck you in the ass.

Similar to lol lmao and rofl but only phaggotass phaggots say rofl because no one has ever actually rofled after anything, especially if you're sitting in a dark rhume diddling your taintpipe. It's just for attention-starved asswipes who can't coin there own stimulating, creative acronyms like me.
Pony Boy: laifuita

Fucklife: lafluida. Hey Karen, wanna make some apple butter? We can start by skraping my taint and bare spot, because as everyone knows, I have no balls and am wasting my life with a ridiculous, conflicted tease who would rather take satisphaction from leading someone down a dark and windy road of celibacy than engage in the most basic, necessary functions of life. Fucking for christ sake. I'M NEVIR GETING LADE!!! WHERE'S MY KOOKING SHOW!!

Shitwad: la-looooooool!!

Pony Boy: ¡VIVE LA LOL!

Shitwad: ho-HUH!

Pony Boy: GTFOH!
by infiniti April 04, 2005
A pair of breasts that illicit attention mainly for their unusually large size, mostly found on large women however not limited to them. You may see flopdargens hanging off the side of a partically obese woman's stomach and tucked sloppily into her back pockets, like big meaty seatbelts, in order to avoid taking out street signs and knocking over small children on her way down the street.
Dude, check out the fuckin' flopdargens on that pig. I bet she hasn't seen her feet in years! Oh my god, her arms don't even touch her sides they're so floppin' ridiculous. I'd bang that out. ...Hey, do we need milk?
by infiniti February 09, 2006
What some people say as a generic salutation when parting company instead of saying what they really want to say, such as fuck off or something to the same effect. Generally reserved for those who are not cared about in the least bit or are despised to the core of their being.
Alright, ok, you too, drive safe.

(..fuck off..)

by infiniti December 27, 2006
1) head to head; in a competitive sense, generally reserved for male participants.

2) cockhead to cockhead; in a sexual, possibly competitive sense, reserved for males and shemales, but could be anyone with access to a cock or dildo.
1) "Hey man, I'm a little nervous, I've gotta go cock to cock with Dave later at the foosball tournament, wish me luck.."

2) "Hey man, get your cock over here and we'll go cock to cock like we were talking about earlier.
by infiniti March 14, 2008

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