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adj. someone who cultivates his hipster persona in part by maintaining a low body weight, usually achieved with an extremely low proportion of muscle to bone and accompanied by pallor and the appearance of malnourishment and sickliness. rarely used to describe women.
Nick has gone completely hipsterexic!

If it weren't for that huge bowling bag, he'd be invisible when viewed from the side!
by indalomena August 04, 2006
s.pl. testicles that are small, furry, and/or cute; feline testicles.
gf: oooh! i love your pussy willows!
bf: and there goes my hard-on.
by indalomena November 27, 2006
adj. describing the psychosomatic state of a person who is both willing to and physically capable of participating in edgy and/or contorted sexual acts. a compound of '(com)pliant' and 'flexible'. cfr. 'ggg'.
My gf is totally plexible. Yesterday I came home from work and she was lying on the couch naked with her ankles behind her head.
by indalomena November 27, 2006
s.pl. testicles. diminuitive. derived from pussy willows.
I rode my bike twenty miles yesterday and now my poor willows are in a bad way.
by indalomena November 27, 2006

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