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2 definitions by imipak

A /faceplamm/ is a 'facepalm'qv moment wherein the fail being reacted to is of such enormity that basic fine motor control has broken down and the reactor is reduced to mashing the keys without being able to correctly count or sequence the letters of the word. Coined by mordac.
<Person A> See, for instance, 2g1c
<Person B> What's 2g1c?
<Person C> DON'T google it!!
<B> ....aiiiiiiiii!!!!!!!!!!!
<C> (faceplamm)
by imipak June 17, 2011
A petulant tantrum of sturm and drang called down upon customer service representatives, major corporations, political parties or movements or (as it may be) the inadequate clue level of one's employer; the annoyance thus generated is discharged through a flurry of ranting on the popular micro-blogging service Twitter, with accompanying foul, abusive and inappropriate language.
Fuck me, Bagless threw his rattle out of his pram and had a bit of a tweetyrant about the AV Referendum the other night.
by imipak April 28, 2011