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Can be used in two terms

1. Happens when two males stand next to each other to urinate, usually they cannot. This is called stage fright

2. Happens usually on first time intercourse but can happen in other times of intercourse...
When the male wants to have intercourse with the female, but his penis does not.
Instead of staying/getting erect, his penis denies him the privilege.
Girl: want to have sex?

Boy: Errr Yeh!!


Boy: Your such a dick

Girl: Awww you've got Stage Fright!!
by imimortal March 20, 2009
Usually broken up into two parts
- a female who sleeps around alot
- sometimes classed as Grimey/gammy/ruff/slut

-Abbreviation from the word attronic/electronic/machine like

This combination of words together often means a female who sleeps around alot, and as a result of that, has exceedingly good skills in bed (resembling that of a machine)
1: Man that gash is a slagatron

2: Mate you piledrove her into the ground... wait who are we talking about?

1: Yo mamma!
by imimortal March 19, 2009
The term Showman is given to a male who, when flaccid, his penis is of average to below average size.
However when erect his penis towers to an above average size

This term is often found amongst descendants of the 'Spicer' family

See:- Spicer
Girl: why is our penis so small?

Boy: Im a showman...

Girl: What does that mean?

Boy: Touch it and find out...

Girl: Holy Shit! Thats the biggest ive seen!
by imimortal March 20, 2009
When a man is having sexual intercourse with a woman, but the woman is not a sket or slag, and usually has not had much sexual experience in the past.
The man then ruins the female.
The female usually has trouble walking afterwards
Boy1: why is that girl walking with a limp?

Boy2: I fucking pile drove her ass last night mate. u dun know

Boy1: That must have been a pile driver and a half!!

Boy2: And 3 quarters!!
by imimortal March 19, 2009
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