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3 definitions by imaGINAtion

acronym for "that was a good one"
Person One: *tells joke*
Person TWO: "twago!"
by imaGINAtion December 19, 2005
Perfection in someone is when you can't find a way to describe them in words, and when actions couldn't help you express to them how perfect they are. But if you tried to describe them, it would sort of go like this: Perfection is the most incredible, beautiful, joy-bringing, and greatest person you can think of in the whole entire world. In other words, that girl is Hunter. <3
Hunter is just an amazing girl. She can't be defined, and that's what makes her full of perfection.
by Imagination July 08, 2013
term to use when one can't decide whether to say "shut up" or "whatever"
Person One: "I heard you slept with Jason last night"
by imaGINAtion December 19, 2005