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A confounding situation that defies logic and reason.
What motherfuckery is this?
#idiocy #confounding #confusion #morons #fucking around
by idiotgrrl June 04, 2009
Running around like a freakin' maniac, trying to get a lot of stuff done.
Man, I was so ready for vacation that I was tearassing around my office today, just trying to get everything done so I could leave early.
#tearing ass #hauling ass #tearing it up #hauling #tearin' it up
by idiotgrrl July 09, 2010
The act of being a fuckwad.
Dude 1: That guy tweeted he was starting a #revolution
Dude 2: What fuckwadery is that?
Dude 1: The kind that comes from being a fuckwad.
#fuckwad #fuckery #asshole #idiocy #assholocity
by idiotgrrl March 27, 2012
When someone leaves a note on your Facebook wall for someone else, ignoring you.
Dude1: God, Susie's such a bitch. She came to my Facebook wall and left a note for my ex-girlfriend, ignoring me completely.
Dude2: No way! Total wallclusion! Skank.
#facebook #wallcluded #wallclude #walljacking #walljacked
by idiotgrrl July 13, 2011
When some setting on a website changes/turns off/turns on without your having changed it.
Q: Are you still getting e-mails every time your submission hits the front page on Digg? I haven't gotten one in weeks!
A: Yeah, I am. Check your settings - maybe it glitched off.
#digg #glitch #settings #web #facebook
by idiotgrrl May 14, 2010
Something that's so awesome that "awesome," "totally awesome" and even "awesomesauce" do not express the level of awesomeness.
Teenaged girl No. 1: Have you seen UrbanDictionary.com?
Teenaged girl No. 2: I have! Words cannot express the awesomeocity I find in the definitions there.
#awesome #awesomesauce #totally awesome #fabulousness #fucking amazing
by idiotgrrl June 18, 2010
Dugg For Bacon. Bacon, the candy of meat, is extremely popular on Digg.com, as well as the rest of the internet. It's hard to creatively comment on every bacon submission, so sometimes all you have to do is say, "DFB" and you're good to go.
Submission: "Bacon sandwich comes to KFCs"
First comment: "DFB"

Digger 1: Did you see that sub about bacon?
Digger 2: Definitely. DFB.
#bacon #digg #dugg #food #candy of meat
by idiotgrrl April 05, 2010
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