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A fart that expels small ammounts of feces.
"Oh my God! I just sharted!" Exclaimed a humiliated Mark as he ran through the art room, knocking over a TV in his rush to get out the back door. A feeble attempt to save his dignity.
by ickabodCANE February 26, 2004
A middle-aged man who masterbates with a knife while listening to the recorded sound of children screaming.
When the cleaning lady opened the drawer and found a rusted blade and a spooge-stained tape recorder, she knew there was a shank yanker inhabiting the room.
by ickabodCANE February 26, 2004
The fetish of using a tweezer to stick red pepper flakes into your pee-hole. The man then screams out "FIRE IN THE POLE!" at the top of his lungs, usually in extreme extasy/pain.
It was only a matter of time before Andre's job at the Pepper and Tweezer Emporium led to his uncurable "fire in the pole" fetish.
by ickabodCANE March 30, 2004
A man who fantasizes about having sex with a woman while she is in the process of having her period. His lust centers around a primal desire to feast on a females' "bloody eggs."
Young Sam was a self-proclaimed Red Hen the day after he decided to blur the line between fantasy and reality.
by ickabodCANE March 30, 2004
An engorged penis.
He stuck his throbbing ickabod cane into her warm, cavernous meatsock.
by ickabodCANE February 26, 2004

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