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Pronounced <TT BOM K>
The acronym for "To The Best Of My Knowledge"
TTBOMK, you're psycho.
by IceBox April 12, 2006
set of nice big knockers
"call up that slut, she's got some tig-ole bitties"
by icebox February 14, 2003
slang term for the female genetalia.
"damn homey, i'm starving. i could sure go for a ruby nuben hot pocket."
by icebox February 14, 2003
the act of performing felatio
that hoebag can slurp the gurkin like pro
by icebox February 14, 2003
the missouri compromise.
i's got to get me a mullet on t ya
by icebox February 14, 2003
a member of the chode squad
Chodeson Gibson is in the chode squad
by Icebox November 04, 2003
A dick shaped like a can of tuna fish.
His girlfriend wanted to fuck him untill she found out he had a chode. Then she called the Chode Squadto rescue her.
by Icebox November 05, 2003

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