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2 definitions by iamgoodoya

When two or more holidays or special occasions fall on the same day and Google must choose one to be included in their logo.

A prime example of this was February 14, 2010 when Valentines Day, the Chinese New Year and the Olympics were all happening on the same day.
Bob: Hey Sam, happy valentines day.

Sam: Apparently not, Google chose the Vancouver 2010 Olympics in todays Google Holiday War.

Bob: Saint Valentine would be pissed...

Sam: Not to mention the People's Republic of China.
by iamgoodoya February 14, 2010
20 2
The quick area check non-black people do before saying the word "nigger" in public. Ensures that one is not killed by a large black man.
Tom: Yo, what up nigger??

Ben: Shit man!!! You didn't even do the N Check!!!!!!!!

Tom: Fuck!! *looks around* K, we're all clear.
by iamgoodoya September 30, 2010
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