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the opposite of supervisor-one who gives super advice.
a stupidvisor-gives stupid advice.
people in this position in the workplace can varying in their percentage allocations of stupidvisor vs supervisor.
this ratio can also change with their mood, over time and the presence of other stupidvisors or supervisors.
Although i have three supervisors most of the time its only one because the others are just being stupidvisors.

When he is suffering from insomnia one has to 100% allocate him to the stupidvisor category.
by iamalavalamp July 02, 2009
a commodore is a popular car family or work vehicle made by gmh/holden, it is is so common in some parts it is called in commondore. they come in sedan and station wagon versions and different colours. as they are quite common they are quite boring. as they are large they also consume too much petrol and gas. some people in australia buy them because they are cheap, want to support an Australian made car?, believe big cars are safe, believe they need a big car to tow a caravan etc (they actually only do this about once per year). as they are so common it is easy to find parts for them which just increases their annoying commonness.
jay: where should take this cupboard to?
bob: its the white commondore to the left.
by iamalavalamp July 02, 2009
Full-Time Fuck Wit.

A person who is a complete idiot/dickhead/tool/retard all the time (as opposed to part-time or just some of the time). This term especially pertains to people in the workplace and those that contribute negatively to a team/group of individuals.
These individuals are often found in sheltered workshop type places of employment -government institutions/universities and other bureaucracies. The FTFW may have been employed is this place for far too long, yield far to much power, slack/lazy employee or just be a plain waste of space.
The full-time fuckwit was working so slowly and ineffectively on the project that I was asked to stop what I was doing and help him.

The full-time fuckwit blamed others for their own mismanagement and shortcomings.
I have no idea what she actually does around here-she just a FTFW.
by iamalavalamp June 22, 2009

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