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When you give a punk a nice cinematic speach right before you kick his ass. Doesn't actually have to be the quote from the bible, can be something creative that just belongs in a movie. First made popular by the Prophet Ezekiel in the early 2300 BC era. Then no body really cared about it for another 4294 years until used in Quinton Terentino's Pulp Fiction
John:For ten years I've hated you, every hour of every day I dreamed about this very minute. You and me, alone, with no one for you to hide behind. And the second my fist cracks against your face, the second you see your own blood splatting out of your mouth, the second you hit the ground with your dull trembling body, you will wish it was over, but it won't be. It wont be for a very, very long time. Shall we get started?
James: Oh fuck, I'm dead, he just gave me the ol'Ezekiel twenty-five:seventeen
by i have a long pole October 17, 2005
when your having sex with a grl and u ask her if she wants to be blind folded...she, thinking its so hot and kinky, says yes and allows the blind folding. you start having sex with her and then say a codeword(s) (ex. I LOVE YOU!) this is to let your friend that is in the closet/outside the room know that his time has come. you take your dick out and guid her to another position, where u procede to walk away and let your friend fuck her. You wait till shes about to come to say right into her ear...you can take the blind fold off... makes for a funny story the next day
John: Dude me and Joe pulled a switch-a-roo on Jane last night
Jake: Know way! Was she pissed?
John: Ask Joe, she bit his penis off when she took off the blindfold
by i have a long pole October 10, 2005
one of the most unique and inivative pieces ever made. "the flute" is constructed of a recorder (instrument) tape for covering the holes and a flask funnel. you place the funnel into the last hole in the recorder and use it as a bowl. named after kenny g, the worst musician ever, but he plays an instrument that resembles this. created when i had to mcgyver a piece and found a recorder from like the fifth grade. those who have used it revere it as a living legend.
John: holy shit i am stoned
Jake: oh nice dude, what did u smoke out of?
John: obviously kenny g's magik flute
Jake: you mean that fagot musician?
John: no the cool piece
Jake: oh ok
by i have a long pole October 10, 2005

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