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n. Ironically designates a person who dwells on or expostulates ideas that are old, discredited or unintelligible. The scatbrains are the uneducated lower class cousins of the educated upperclass fecal-minded eggheads.
Joe is a scatbrain. He keeps saying torturing is a legally acceptable way to obtain information from suspected criminals and terrorists.. His sense of morality is twisted by his ideological zeal and his biases.
by hypocrisykiller October 04, 2009
Chatcrap, n. 1)uninteresting information exchanges and comments on social networking sites about personal trivia which seem important to the poster but to no one else. 2.Subject matter, behavior, or language that is foolish or absurd. 3) to talk nonsense or make smalltalk

chatcrapper,n. One who posts chatcrap or enjoys chatcrapping on internet social networks.
Tom and Mary were both on FB and and Twitter. They met because both liked posting chatcrap believing the world cared about their or someone else's personal daily grooming activities .

The word "chatcrap" can be substituted for the word "nonsense"in the following quotes w/o loss of meaning or sarcasm.


"Good sense about trivialities is better than nonsense about things that matter." - Sir Max Beerbohm

"Forgive me my nonsense as I also forgive the nonsense of those who think they can talk sense." - Robert Frost

"It is a far, far better thing to have a firm anchor in nonsense than to put on the troubled seas of thought." - John Kenneth Galbraith

"Don't talk to me about a man's being able to talk sense; everyone can talk sense. Can he talk nonsense?" - William Pitt

"Nonsense is good only because common sense is so limited." - George Santayana
by hypocrisykiller September 12, 2009
n. & v. describing the act and result of a writer or speaker who makes a disorganized incoherent presentation of ideas and thoughts in no particular order and with no specific purpose on the mind of the writer or speaker. It is common in response to questions when there is no easy answer or when the writer/speaker has no idea what might constitute an answer. It can also be the sign of a lazy thinker or ignorant person afraid of simply saying ''I don't Know.''

mind-dumper describes the person who mind-dumps
mind-dumping describes the activity of one who mind-dumps
I read your freshman essay and the mind-dump I read was not helpful in answering the question asked. I wish the highschools did a better job of teaching their students how to think and express complete ideas in well-formed, well-organized, coherent, clear ways.
by hypocrisykiller October 08, 2009
n. describes a person who twits others on the news they have heard or seen. v. describes the act or action of twitting others about the news they heard or saw
Michael is a newstwit. He newstwits all his friends and followers while listening to NPR and when watching network newscasts. The twit thinks he's cool doing it, but his friends are tired of him.
by hypocrisykiller October 05, 2009
The general term describes a patriotic person who likes to wrap themselves in their flags claiming that they are super patriots, especially in disputes involving politics and the role of the government
'Tom and Mary were arguing and suddenly Mary got angry. She turned into a flag-wrapper and the discussion ended nowhere. She left in a huff! LOL
by hypocrisykiller September 07, 2009
FYI & FYCEE&E is a courteous multipurpose way to reference the reason for sending an email, the posting of a wed address, or inclusion of attachments of anykind to an email or to a posting of a weblink on a social networking site.

The ACRONYM-MNEMONIC begins with the standard FYI(For Your Information) but adds the explanatory ACRONYM-MNEMONIC: FYCEE&E which stands for (For Your Convenience, Edification, Enjoyment & Enjoyment). One can adjust the ACRONYM-MNEMONIC by adding or dropping letters according to your preferences for paying compliments and giving explanations when you wish to add a polite tag to something given to other human beings in person or via a medium like the internet or the US Mail.
John sent Mary maps and several photos by email dated November 2nd, 2009. He hoped to entice her to meet with him soon when he went the extra mile and added a note saying he was providing them FYI & FYCEE&E with his sincerest Enthusiasm and Compliments.
by hypocrisykiller November 02, 2009
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