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Really poser kids who think they can take over the world, claiming that Gerard Way is their god and so on. Now, let's of course, make clear that these kids only got to know of the band because Mtv completely commercialized Helena and now they dress in black and red because they're such goth-punk-rockers. These kids also claim that their kids will beat up other kids and that Frank Iero is one of the sexiest men alive.

It would be relevant to add that most of these kids listen to Simple Plan, Good Charlotte and Avril Lavigne and thus, deserve death.

Btw, I have nothing against the <i>real fans</i>, just that these ones suck major donkey cock.
My Chemical Romance Fan #1: OMGGGG gerards soo hotzzzz
My Chemical Romance Fan #2: OMG Yeah! I love Frank and Mikey more!
My Chemical Romance Fan #1: Oh yeah that's right.

Real Fan #1: How about like Bob, the drummer? He's got serious drumming skills...although Matt was better, but weird.
My Chemical Romance Fans #1 & #2: Bob who? Matt who?
MCR fan #1: Speak poser language, plase, real fan #1! We cant understand you!
by humans are scary October 09, 2005
Cedric Bixler-Zavala is the vocalist from the most amazing band ever, The Mars Volta. He used to be the frontman of the emocore/hard punk band At the Drive-In, dubbed the next Nirvana by some. At the Drive-In dissolved in the beginning of the 2000s and he formed, with Omar Rodriguez-Lopez, ATD-I's guitarist, The Mars Volta. One of the greatest progressive/emocore bands there are out there today.

He has an amazing voice. He incorporates falsetto and various sounds to make the Mars Volta's sound just plain different from anything else.
Cedric Bixler Zavala + Omar Rodriguez Lopez = Best thing that has happened to music.
by humans are scary September 25, 2005
Another way to say "Let's Bounce" or "Let's Leave" but less Ghetto.
#1: You ready to leave?
#2: Yeah, let's roll!
by humans are scary June 19, 2006
Shorthand for Fucked Up. Usually used when the person does not want to swear. Fucked Up = strange, rather unusual, weird, messed up.
#1: I'll do my sister all night long!
#2: Oh man, you're f'ed up!!11
by humans are scary July 27, 2006
pronounced like MySpaced.

Verb used to express the act of looking someone up on myspace, adding them as friends, or adding a comment for them.
#1: OMG! Youre so nice! I totally MySpace'd you today!
#2: Oh, did you? OMGTHX
by humans are scary July 22, 2006
an extremely overplayed song by James Blunt, which isnt even that good anyway.
#1: Have you heard "You're Beautiful"?
#2: Who hasnt?
#1: God, it sucks!
by humans are scary June 19, 2006
Set of words used to describe how close you are to someone else. If you know someone enough to add them on myspace, then you are in myspace terms.

#1: I met a guy yesterday, but we only said hi and talked for one second
#2: I see...
#1: Do you think we're on myspace terms yet?
by humans are scary May 14, 2006

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