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Codename for a fat person. Usually used to notify a buddy that there is an obese person within the premises.
Dude check it out, big mac, 4 o'clock!
by HuFlungPu August 30, 2008
(noun) 1. A measurement of sound 2. An expression of approval used commonly by Mrs. Kelly.
As the plane reached Mach 3, Mrs Kelly watched from the ground and exlaimed, "Mach, this haggas is greht!"
by HuFlungPu May 25, 2008
a tit-flavored ice cream cone. two scoops
girl: ily <3
guy: tits!!! mmm
by HuFlungPu July 18, 2008
Codename for smokin weed. SouthWest (Airlines) = S.W. = Smokin weed
Oh doo, yesterday, i was flyin southwest with my bros! it was pretty chill! straight dgaf!
by HuFlungPu July 30, 2008
The act of taking an ecstasy pill
Guy: "Doo, lets go pop a wheelie."
Doo: "Why?"
Guy: "Cuz last time I tripped balls all day. It was like a fullbody orgasm for 10 hours."
by HuFlungPu February 18, 2008
Short for "you know what I mean?"
Hey dude, I got the "stuff. Na-mean?
by HuFlungPu August 21, 2008
This is a frequently used Korean phrase, but while having a fluxuating definition, it could only be fully understood using context clues. The phrase "How Dow" commonly substitutes hello, goodbye, how are you, thank you, have a nice day, etc.
"Oh! How Dow to you sir!"
"Why, how dow!"
"How dow for the gifts you gave me the other day"
"Oh yes. Dont forget to give a how dow for your grandma for me too"
by HuFlungPu August 31, 2008

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