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The sound of jokes flying over your head, meaning "you didn't get the joke at all".

The number of O's control the severity of the ownage.
wooooosh --------------> Joke
/|\ <----- you
/ \

Example must be presented with monospace fonts.
by hoz0r December 23, 2008
Singlish variant of the Hokkein word, "Rush" or "Hurry up".

Used exclusively in Singapore, it is occasionally heard in Malaysia and Thailand if Singaporeans travel there.
ben: CHIONG!!

bob: 0.01% TIL LVL 15O!!
by hoz0r March 02, 2010
A blai (n.) stands for "a person who never gets out of his basement".

words with numbering (b2lai, b3lai, etc.) stands for the severity of the social disorder.

blai (v.) is "to stay in one's basement".
Person 1: where are all the blais?
Person 2: dwellin' on /.
by hoz0r March 04, 2009
Eye-to-bag ratio, symbol ξ, is defined such that

ξ = h(eye)/h(eye bag) = k*beauty

where h is a function of height,
h(eye) is the height of an individual's open eye,
h(eye bag) is the visible height of the eye bag, and

k is a nonzero arbitrary constant. Rearranging the equation gives:

beauty ∝ξ
Evidence suggests that when
- h(eye) is high and/or
- h(eye bag) is low,
ξ (eye-to-bag ratio) is large and thus, under a constant k condition, beauty of the individual yielding the calculated ξ is also large.
by hoz0r July 23, 2010
Misnomer of fun, a sense of joy, and function, a programming keyword.

Small and medium sized enterprises adopt this practice in their software documentation to make mundane coding jobs seem more tolerable.
In this funtion, we will take in two variables, args and kwargs, and return another funtion that can be called to produce the user array.
by hoz0r January 24, 2012

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