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The only food worth having to take an epic shit after eating.
Mexican food is just that good.
by hoyclan February 27, 2011
1. You only have to use it for one minute, just to get to Mozilla.com and download Firefox

1. Slow
2. Bug ridden
3. Forced on all Windows owners
4. Looks like junk
5. Easily exploitable
6. Infrequently updated
7. No pop up ad blocking
8. Highly inconvenient

237. It just plain sucks
About 60 seconds after he first opened it up on his new computer, Jimmy was finished using Internet Explorer - for 2-4 years.
by hoyclan December 22, 2009
Short definition: dog crap sandwich

Long definition: The worst quality browser ever, this browser reeks of ass. Released on August 27th, 2001, it had little competition at first, and though it sucked, it (and other IE versions) gained a 95% market share around 2003. IE very nearly held a virtual monopoly by forcing it into every operating system, as well as the fact that in 2003 Netscape was long dead and Firefox had yet to be released, leaving just a few little known browsers. In 2004 Firefox rose up and started pissing on Internet Explorer 6's market share as people switched to the new, well engineered browser. By 2006 avid Internet users had switched to Firefox, and IE 6 was replaced by the slightly less crap Internet Explorer 7.

It was the most bug ridden Internet Explorer. Only a couple of years after IE7 superceded it, websites are dropping IE6 support. It had numerous security issues and had trouble displaying many web sites. One line of code can make it crash and anti-IE6 campaigns have been launched.
A pile of piss makes a better browser than Internet Explorer 6.
by hoyclan December 22, 2009
The acceleration pedal in a Tesla electric car.
Wait, is this a Tesla? SHIT! Well step on the prissy pedal! - Eric Cartman
by hoyclan October 11, 2013
1 - serious, in text shorthand.

2 - air bag, as in a car
1 - I love honda accords, I'm srs

2 - My 2011 Honda Accord's steering wheel says "SRS Airbag". That could save my life.
by hoyclan January 29, 2014
This operating system resembles a piece of horse crap more than an actual operating system. It lasts about as long as a bridge made of matchsticks and held together by Elmers Glue before it crashes. Sure it's nice to look at, but so is a Mercedes-Benz with Yugo parts running it. I'm sorry I can't give a detailed review of Windows ME - my copy crashed after just three days.
Operating systems I've had:

2007 - Present
Windows Vista
Lifespan: 2 1/2 years, no crashes, minor problems from time to time

2005 - 2007
Windows XP
Lifespan: 2 years, no crashes, computer still in operating condition as of 2010
Fate of computer: Partially Retired

2004 - 2005
Windows XP
Lifespan: 1 year, 10 months, no crashes
Fate of computer: Retired

2002 - 2004
Windows ?? (not ME)
Lifespan: 1 year+, no crashes
Fate of computer: Retired

December 25, 2002 - December 28, 2002
Windows ME
Lifespan: 3 days
Fate of computer: Crashed, inoperable after crash of 12/28/2002

Thank you Windows ME for giving me a perspective on what a crappy, poorly working operating system feels like
by hoyclan June 07, 2010
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