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Short for sensational for those to lazy/ cool/ fast to bother with finishing the word.
"How was the movie"?..."Sensaysh dude...gotta run"
by howzerfet January 06, 2005
Short for "knocked on the head", which means to have sexual intercourse with the partner of your choice.
"How'd ya go Beavis"? (after a hot date)..."I knocked her on the head"
by howzerfet January 06, 2005
A term used to describe when you are not feeling well, or someone is not looking good.
"How do ya feel Beavis"..."I'm not 100 Butthead"

"How was she Beavis" (after a blind date)..."not 100, but thanks for asking Butthead"
by howzerfet January 06, 2005
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