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3 definitions by howzerfet

Short for sensational for those to lazy/ cool/ fast to bother with finishing the word.
"How was the movie"?..."Sensaysh dude...gotta run"
by howzerfet January 06, 2005
4 2
Short for "knocked on the head", which means to have sexual intercourse with the partner of your choice.
"How'd ya go Beavis"? (after a hot date)..."I knocked her on the head"
by howzerfet January 06, 2005
1 5
A term used to describe when you are not feeling well, or someone is not looking good.
"How do ya feel Beavis"..."I'm not 100 Butthead"

"How was she Beavis" (after a blind date)..."not 100, but thanks for asking Butthead"
by howzerfet January 06, 2005
4 13