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A man that sucks the ejaculatory juices out of another man's ass, following a brutal assault in the anus.
Leif, your so naughty, get your felch monging head outta my caboose.
by Hot Carl February 19, 2005
Running back for the New Orleans Saints.
Deuce McAllister ran for a huge gain against the Atlanta Falcons.
by Hot Carl January 25, 2004
kurtis pk originated from the acient word, fuck face. Scientist of the university of MIT discovered that PK actually is an ancient saying meaning "Poli-keunes". An old term used in the 1900s roughly translating to, "one who has no standards".
"yo, you just pulled a pk"
"thats the ugliest girl i have ever seen, thats defiently a PK"

...if you like this, you will love sherminator
by hot carl January 27, 2005
It's when you come in a woman's eye, then punch her in the face repeatedly until she is bleeding excessively then laugh and declare yourself a pirate.
I got arrested last night for sticky mando'ing some fat whore.
by Hot Carl July 27, 2003
The art of licking someone's asshole in the shower. Soap may or may not be used in this most pleasurably experience.
After a quick handie, I proceeded to give Ann a clean jackson.
by Hot Carl December 04, 2003
Hot Beef Injection
Man i want to give her the H.B.I. so bad tonight.
by hot carl December 12, 2003
a handicap person often seen wearing a helmet while sitting in a wheelchair.
Megaho was so drunk she passed out in her front yard.
by hot carl September 03, 2003
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