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The crusted jizz balls that are rolled up in the hair surrounding the anus after anal boinkage.
Shaniqua wasn't surprised to find cum nuggets in her boyfriend's ass hair, which proved her suspicions that he was indeed a butt pirate.
by Alshanjotweed April 26, 2006
A chicken nugget that has been filled with cum at Mcdonalds by the cleaners.
Boy'My nuggets all goowey and white inside' -cry-
Mum'MMMMM sperm'
Mum'My child has been given a cum nugget!'
by slothcrab February 11, 2008
a genital version of a booger; ie, a piece of dried semen found in, on, or around the penis. also a common insult or putdown comparing one to the aforementioned definition
"that kid chris is a cock smoking cumnugget."
by who is chase nuts August 31, 2005
A complete and utter twat; somebody so full of themself that they want everyone to know how 'brilliant' they are.
Pat: God, am I great! I'm so clever, and a great person to be around! (He isn't)

Dan: He's a right Cum-nugget!
George: Amen.
by FretWizard September 11, 2014
the peice of cum stuck in your urethra the morning after blowing your load.
i jacked off last nite and the cum nugget is stuck in my peehole
by cum in my belly! November 09, 2007
When you cum and pee out a kidney stone at the same time.
I heard last weekend I heard Timmy cum nuggeted all over his bathroom,
by Maxim_is_blind June 21, 2016
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