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When you fell so sorry for someone (pitty them), usually an outcast, and you're friends with them, even if you don't like them. (You probably won't really like them anyway.)
"Hey he's not my friend, he's my Pitty Friend."
by Hobo Destroyer September 25, 2009
When you say a really funny joke quietly, where only one person hears it. Then the douche bag that heard it says it out loud and gets all the credit.
"Man I just got Douche Joked by Todd."
by Hobo Destroyer September 25, 2009
Chest hair that is curly, like pubes.
It's in the movie Step Brothers.

"When I dried my body off after my shower I got amazing Chest Pubes"
by Hobo Destroyer September 25, 2009
The smile you get when you're around a friend who's mom, sister, or girlfriend you have boned (had sex with).
"I can't go around mike, I'll get a Boned Smile."
by Hobo Destroyer September 26, 2009
It's much like the "mile high club," but much more difficult. You have to have sex (preferably a different person each time) in all 50 states.
"It took me almost six months, but I got in the 50 State Club."
by Hobo Destroyer September 26, 2009
When you (usually a guy) goes down on someone (usually a girl) for the first time and you don't really know what to do, but you refuse to ask for directions.
"Man I was with my girl last night and I totally went Going Down Clueless, but I managed"
by Hobo Destroyer September 25, 2009
The syndrome that all men have, that makes them incapable of winning an argument with a women.
"I was about to win my first fight ever with my wife, then my man syndrome kicked in."
by Hobo Destroyer September 30, 2009

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