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vampire-themed fiction with overt sexual depictions
That TV show is full of vampires and hot sex: Vamporn!
by hmcdesq May 14, 2010
a very conservative, repressed, judgmental, fundamentalist right-winger
I cannot stand to be around my Uncle Bubba. He is such an uptighty-righty. All he does when I'm around is quote Glen Beck, Rush Limbaugh, and the Bible.
by hmcdesq August 30, 2010
a text-ese exclamation of shock or surprise at the news you get from your gynecologist.
Dr: It seems you have three ovaries.

Patient: How many am I supposed to have?

Dr: Two.

Patient: OMGyn!
by hmcdesq May 11, 2010
extremely detailed and awkwardly thorough description of your boyfriend's penis
You: "And it's curved to the right, no matter what I do, it just pops back to the right. And the size..."

Me: "Shut up! I'm not interested in listening to your dickumentary!"
by hmcdesq December 07, 2010
a texted curse placed on the person you are texting with when he or she simultaneously texts the same thing you do.
Bob and Joe are texting each other, discussing the closing of their favorite sports pub. At the same time, they both send "this sux!"

by hmcdesq May 17, 2010
forcing someone to spontaneously or suddenly see a disturbing or offensive image or picture without their consent, especially through electronic media.
My social network friend posted a picture of a dog's anus she reconstructed in veterinary surgery. When I updated my page, there it was. I did not want to see that! That was an eye rape!
by hmcdesq May 05, 2010
organization of people who advocate the fair and humane treatment of epets and other eanimals that virtually exist as Farmville livestock and Fishville fish.
My Fishville neighbor posted on my Facebook wall that my fish were starving, along with a frowning eclownfish.

He must be a member of ePETA.
by hmcdesq May 28, 2010

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