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A garden tool which used to break up the soil to plant shit!! duh..what do you think it is
i got 2 dirty hoes in each hand
by hitlers child November 25, 2006
a point were you wanna cry..were you wanna hurt yourself..because of what brings you down,.coming to the point to screaming your head off..just wanting to cry,burst and just want fall over on the floor and die,scream in the persons face thats bothering you...its bringing yourself down of old things that happend to you and you'll know you regret..or know it will come back to you..or bieng heartbroken and cant stand it so you bring yourself down thinking you werent good enough for that one person...
he broke up with me because im not pretty..im not good enough for him..im stupid..im too depressed to handle it
by hitlers child November 25, 2006
gettin it ON!!!when you get horny you wanna take your clothes off....but how the heck should i know..im a virgin!
uum..i dunno..its sex..its natural(for some people)
by hitlers child November 25, 2006

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