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A sriram velmanikandan is a sexy ass motherfucker who is adored by all the ladies.

Derived from a Celtic dialect that is now nonexistent, like Latin. It gets it's name from its original owner Manolito Gafotas and was changed into it's current pronunciation by Carolina Jones during her excursions in China
Dude! That guy is a total sriram velmanikandan; he get's all the ladies.
by HiMOM July 21, 2014
a extreamly gay guy who you just lit on fire and pushed off a hill and is falling to his udder doom!
a guy walks into his friends house smelling like fire and gay guys and turns to his friends and says
"dude before john was a homo, now hes a Flying Flaming Homo!!"
by himom June 17, 2008

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