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4 definitions by hier6

A person who is a friend and who is also from German descent. Kumpel meaning buddy, they are cursed to be your friend even if they dont want to
God that guy blank Kumpel was my friend even though i told him i didnt like him
by hier6 December 24, 2009
To mistake a cunt
Dang, i thought you were a girl. My Miscunt
by hier6 May 01, 2011
A cow attack resulting in injuries and a shrill scream of pain. The above mentioned cow ends up as a piece a piece of furniture known as "couch".
When vacationing in Switzerland, I fell victim to a Cowoutch.
by hier6 December 25, 2009
To act retarded for sake of empathy
Omg that kid was sucha Goldie
by hier6 May 01, 2011