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A German word meaning

1. pal, mate, buddy etc. Plural: usually Kumpels.

2. A coal miner. Plural: usually Kumpel.
1. Ich treff mich heut Abend mit meinen Kumpels

2. Bei einem Erdrutsch wurden zehn Kumpel verschüttet.
by Aquifex August 28, 2010
A person who is a friend and who is also from German descent. Kumpel meaning buddy, they are cursed to be your friend even if they dont want to
God that guy blank Kumpel was my friend even though i told him i didnt like him
by hier6 December 24, 2009
to say or do something but as a joke; to give a quiz and towards the end, tell the class it doesn't count
Man, our teacher just pulled another KUMPEL on us when he said that quiz doesn't count.
by Brompus March 19, 2009
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