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Noun: When shitty things keep happening, or when one continually thinks of negative things, they may be overcome by the fuck tornado. Fuck tornado describes the verbal exchange of the victim. "Fuck" is said with increasing frequency and intensity, similar to the whirling of a tornado.
Chad: Fuck... Fuck.. Fuck. Fuck! Fuck!! FUCK!!!
Brad: Hey man, get out of that fuck tornado before you pop a fuckin' gasket.
Chad: FAAACK!!
by hgf921 August 15, 2007
An acronym for Fucked and Far From Home. Used to describe an unbelievably negative and unwelcome situation. Can also describe the state an object is in.
Bob: Our landing gear just fell off our airplane.
Stanley: Well now we're fucked and far from home. (FAFFH)

Susan: There is a dead mangled raccoon in my car's engine.
Jacob: Sounds like your car is fucked and far from home.
Susan: So is the raccoon!
by hgf921 August 15, 2007
Adj., noun: Used to describe an extremely negative situation or an ineffectual object.

Also, slightly less negative "hurtfest".
This dull plastic knife I'm using to cut my steak with is Junior McHurtfest.

Once the liquor cabinet fell over and all the bottles smashed, the party was a real Junior McHurtfest.
by hgf921 August 15, 2007
Noun: a person or creature that is having a difficult time in executing a task.
Jane: Look at Joe over there. He sure is having a hard time compiling a Linux Kernel.
John: What a strugglebuggy.

John: Look at the dung beetle trying to push that shit up a hill. It keeps rolling down.
Jane: Sure is a strugglebuggy.
by hgf921 August 15, 2007
Noun: a situation in which frustration to perform an event (thus, struggling) is occurring or is imminent. Also, an event in which general difficulties or undue hardship is experienced.
This hangover is a massive strugglefest.

Kirk: What are you doing?
Allen: I'm trying to get 5 stars on the best song on Guitar Hero II (Laid To Rest) on Hard difficulty. What a strugglefest.
by hgf921 August 15, 2007

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