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1. (n) The undertaking of a relatively complicated task while profoundly hungover or still drunk from a night of binge drinking.

2. (v) To undertake a complicated task in an inebriated or post-inebriated state.
1. It was a strugglefest to get to Liverpool on 3 hours' sleep after downing a bottle of Teacher's scotch whiskey the night before.

2. Hey Paul, it's time to strugglefest over to the train station. God, this was a horrible idea.
by Flat7 October 28, 2009
A continuation of failures or failed attempts at completing a task over a period of time.
"Did you see Taylor last night?"

"Yeahh, Struggle Fest O'10 right there.."
by jbear2011 March 27, 2010
Noun: a situation in which frustration to perform an event (thus, struggling) is occurring or is imminent. Also, an event in which general difficulties or undue hardship is experienced.
This hangover is a massive strugglefest.

Kirk: What are you doing?
Allen: I'm trying to get 5 stars on the best song on Guitar Hero II (Laid To Rest) on Hard difficulty. What a strugglefest.
by hgf921 August 15, 2007
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