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The offspring often seen being carried, carted or chased by the Milf
If I was her Milf By-Product, I'd breast feed until I went to college.
by heynow_1 October 04, 2010
The village idiot, town drunk, or rides his bike everywhere guy that every town has. Has been known to wave at times, but usually concentrating on something more important like his bag of cans. Multiple DWI's have left the bike as his only method of transportation
Every morning that simple bastard rides his bike to get a twelve pack
by heynow_1 July 25, 2010
An enormous ass that resembles two scoops of ice cream.
How did that mom fit those two scoops into those spandex?
by heynow_1 June 25, 2010
last minute snack food made by combining the partial bags of whatever chips are left, stale or nearly empty
I never had Triscuits with cheetos and Doritos until Jethro whipped up some redneck chex mix.
by heynow_1 January 18, 2010
Third generation ownerships inept, naive way of running a business. No more than one of anything is needed. Expect employee loyalty from the few overworked, never appreciated "survivors" that remain. Never proactive, always reactive.
We are alloted one employee in the shipping department in our current Timfrastructure. When that person is not at work nothing ships. When nothing ships, no money is made.
by heynow_1 March 28, 2012
an enormous ass that looks like two huge scoops of ice cream. An ass so big it makes using an escalator virtually impossible
Look at two scoops trying to fit that ass into her Escort.
by heynow_1 June 30, 2010
Excessively long shorts, usually the basketball variety that hang down past the shins. Capris for men, hence Mapris
How can he play hoops with his Mapris' hanging down to his shoe tops?
by heynow_1 January 22, 2010
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